ALVIN The Submersible

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ALVIN The Submersible

- The Alvin has made over 4,700 dives and has carried more than 13,000 scientists, engineers, and observers. - On it's day off, the submersible's robotic manipulator arms are covered with boxing gloves to protect people from bumping their heads while they load the basket. - Its first untethered dive was 35ft. - Makes 150-200 dives a year



- WHOI (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) operates Alvin, a U.S. Navy owned Deep Sea submersible vehicleOldest research submersible, but remains state-of-the-art with upgrades till this day - Commissioned in 1964 as the first deep sea submersible - Named after Allyn Vine, a WHOI engineer and geophysicist who helped prioneer deep submergence research and technology. Expeditions: - 1966 : Mediteranean Sea hydrogen bomb locating - 1970s : Exploring first hydrothermal vent sites - 1974 : Played a pivotal role in the FAMOUS (French-American Mid-Ocean Undersea Study) confirmation of the sea-floor spreading theory - 1986 : Surveing RMS Titanic wreck

- Weighs 35,200 lbs - Measures 23ft. , 4 in. long ; 12ft. high ; 8ft. 6in. wide. -Holds 1 pilot and 2 scientists on 6 t0 10 hour dives - Cockpit: titanium sphere (2.1 m = 83 in.) - Walls : 7.4 cm (2.9 inches) thick - Max depth: 14,764 ft = 4,500 m - Has 7 reversible thrusters - HD video and still cameras - 5 viewpoints - High-intensity LED lights - 2 robotic arms - Can carry 400 lbs of seafloor samples - Cruising sped of 1 knot and max speed of 2 knots (1 knot = 1.15 miles per hour) -Electrical system powered by lead-acid batteries - Support System allows for up to 72 hours underwater. - Deployed from R/V Atlantis (ship - 84m) - $30,000 each day they are out to sea ($$$)

Pros & Cons


Advantages: - Scientists get to directly see the chemical, biological, and geological processes of the sea floor terrain - Ability to bring samples of animals, rocks, sediment, and fluids to the surface Disadvantages: - Limited Time - Requires support of RIV Atlantis - Personal sphere gets cold (50°F) and the fire safety regulations prohibit wearing synthetic materials - no toilet

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