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Chemical Elements

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The Numbers

My Prediction

Aluminum is a solid at room temperature.Aluminum is a metal.Melting point: 660°C (1,220°F)Boiling: 2,519°C (4,566°F)Density: 2.7g/cm²Atomic Number: 13Atomic Mass: 26.98

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1. Did you know Napoleon Bonaparte, French Political leader, held important banquets and severed his honorable guests on aluminum plates?2. Did you know that in the 19th century aluminum was more valuable than gold. In fact, aluminum cost almost double the price of gold?


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1. Workers who breathe in an excessive amount of aluminum dust can have lung problems. These workers will notice an abnormal amount of coughing or they may discover the issue when looking at an X-ray of the affected area. Even inhaling aluminum fumes can damage a worker's nervous system causing flawed performance.2. High levels of aluminum in a child's body can cause bone damage. The exposure of aluminum to a child's stomach prevents the absorption of a chemical compound (phosphate). This chemical compound maintains healthy bones.





Aluminum is truly a diverse element that is used tremendously. It's difficult to image a world without aluminum. The most common uses for aluminum are found in a household. For example, aluminum is used as a foil to wrap around food and various other objects. Aluminum is a great element to make foil because it is malleable, soft, lightweight and non-toxic. These qualities are useful because aluminum can be bend into the any shape, its light and it's not poisonous. Aluminum can also be used to make airplanes. Aluminum is very light and malleable, making it ideal to make a plane because it can be bend into any shape. An aircraft needs to be light yet strong and aluminum can fulfill these requirements. Lastly, aluminum can be used in electrical transmission lines. Aluminum is an excellent conductor of electricity and it 's malleable. This is useful because it will safely conduct electricity and can be formed into the shape of a wire.

Uses and Qualities


-Colour: Metallic Silver-Lustre: Shiny-Optical Clarity: Opaque-Texture: Soft

The picture above is a pile of aluminum cans. Aluminum is malleable and light. Therefore, it can be shaped into soda cans. The significance of aluminum cans is that they are recyclable. A soda can gets recycled and is made into a new one 60 days later.

The picture above is an aluminum mirror. Often, manufactures' make aluminum mirrors because aluminum is reflective and shiny.


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