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Aluminum Element CPT

Aluminum is ubiquitous in everyday life. It is used in the household: cans, foils, cookware, kitchen utensils, window frames or beer kegs. A vast selection of hardware products are comprised of aluminum: oxide grinding wheel disks, brackets, heating ducts or insulation. Doctors frequently practice bone implants with aluminum implants. Overall aluminum is an extremely advantageous, economic and versatile element.

Short History

Aluminum was first discovered and classified as an unknown element in 1787, subsequently in 1825 a method of extraction was created. A Danish chemist by the name of Hans C. Oersted was the first to yield minuscule quantities of aluminum. Friedrich Wöhler invented a more efficient extraction method. No later than 1845, Wöhler was capable of producing samples of large sizes to determine some of aluminum’s properties.

•Solid, has a shiny silver lustre and is a white coloured metal •Melting point is 660.3°C and it’s boiling point is 2519°C, being a metal it conducts both heat and electricity extremely well•Ductile due to it’s face centred cubic (FCC) structure, containing slip systems allowing Atoms to move past each other•Lightweight but very durable, density is 2.7g/mL and is malleable capable of being pounded into sheets


Societal Aplications

•Aluminum is located at group 13/period 3 (periodic table)•159 known compounds involving aluminum (i.e Bauxite, aluminum ore, various alloys) •Reacts with air creating a tough, transparent oxide: corundum•Aluminum is extremely reactive :hot acids, hot water and Alkali’s

Chemical Properties

Physical Properties

Bohr Diagram

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