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Chemical Elements

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I got my name from the latin word alum, 'alumen' meaning bitter salt!


Hans Christian Öersted discovered aluminium in 1825

Look at this cool video!

Aluminum is used in the iPhone 6!

second most Abundant metal in the earth's crust it’s Less dense than water rUsts when it is exposed to different elements Metal it’s Important to modern day construction ' there’re 13.98 Neutrons Used in electrical transmission lines it’s Melting point is 1,1221°F

aluminum contains of 13 elctrons and protons

Used in:cooking pots and pans, outside decorations, cans for soft drinks, and many more!

More Facts ∆you can't find aluminum in nature as a metal∆there's a very thin coating of aluminum oxide on its sides∆density=2.7g∆The boiling point is 4,566°F∆Pure aluminum is soft∆solid at room temp.


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