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Chemical Elements

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Atomic Number:13Atomic Mass:26.981Mass Number: 27Number of Protons:13 Electrons:13 Number of Neutrons: 14

HISTORY1825 Denmark by Hans Christian Oersted. It got its word from the latin word alumen.

CHEMICAL PROPERTIES Aluminium reacts good with the 13 group (boron Family) in that group there is Aluminium, Boron, Gallium, Indium and Thallium.

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES-melting point= 660 323 'C-boiling point =2519'C-density = 2.70 grams per cubic centimetre- abundance in the earth's crust, aluminium is the third most abundant element in the earth's crust Percent by weight= 8,23%Parts per million by weight 82 300

About 75 percent of aluminium ever made is still in use due to recycling.

Use of alumunium -Laundry detergent-Cement-Aspirin-Roofing-Soda cans-House sidings -Spark plugs-Foil containers-Foil wrap-Toothpaste-Automobiles-Millitary vehicles-Planes-Trains

Environmental concerns of aluminiumDuring the extraction of aluminium and the smelting process, lots of energy is used and greenhouse gas emissions are released in the air because of all the chemicals used to extract the aluminium, causing air pollution. A second enviromental concern is, after the aluminium excavated from the mine pits, sludge containing toxic chemicals remains in the pit causing contamination of water sources.

The world without aluminiumThe planes would fly slower and less far because of heavier parts. Televisions wouldn't be like they are now, they would still be bulky. Thigs we usually buy might be more expensive because of different packaging


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