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Chemical Elements

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A Brief History

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Aluminum (Al)


→ Cans→ Aluminum foil→ kitchen utensiles (aluminum is the perfect metal to use because of its lightness and flexibility)

1825⇒ Hans Christian Oerstead develops a way to produce tiny amounts of aluminum (in Denmark)

1845⇒ Friedrich Wöhler developed a new way to obtain aluminum, and was able to extract enough to determine its chemical properties (in Germany)

☆1854⇒Henri Étienne Sainte-Claire Deville imporoved Wöhler's method and was able to produce aluminum in mass quantities


→ airplanes→ rockets→ electrical lines→ aluminum oxide

Boiling Point?- 2729 KelvinMelting Point?- 933.473 Kelvin- it has 22 known isotopes

-Aluminum is one of the most abundant metals in the earths crust, but nit very common in the universe (0.005%)It is found in the Metal group (group 13) and is a conductor of electricity-Aluminum is NOT radioactive

Health problems?

- Aluminum cannot cause directly cause health problems, but combined with other things it can

I am the most recycled can on earth!



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