Alternative Energy

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Energy & Environment

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Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy


In 1951, the first Nuclear Power Reactor to generate electricity was built in Idaho.This event was very important because it was the first nuclear reactor that produced useful electricity. But it had barely enough power for a string of four 100-watt light bulbs.

In 1908 Ford Motor Company's first car that was called the Model T, it used ethanol corn alcohol gasoline as fuel. The engine was capable of running on gasoline, kerosene, or ethanol. The car was called a Flex Fuel Vehicle.


In 1900, the first diesel engine to run on vegetable oil was demonstrated at the World's Fair in Paris. The French government had the Otto company build a diesel that runs on peanut oil. Rudolf Diesel was the man who made the engine.

In 1921, the world's first geothermal power plant was built in California. This was done by John D. Grant. He drilled a well at The Geysers with the intention of generating electricity. He drilled twice but only the second time was succesful.



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