Alternative Energy Sources

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Alternative Energy Sources

Solar Energy How it works.-Solar rays enter the solar panels.-The panels conduct the energy of the sun to a control device, which converts it in electricity.-This electricity goes to a breaker box to send it to every part of the house, being able to be used for every electronic device.

"Alternative Energy Sources"

Kinds of Alternative Energy Sources are:*Solar Energy.* Wind.*Hydroelectric Energy.*Biomass Energy.*Geothermal Energy.*Hydrogen Fuel Cells.

Why are they called "Clean Energy"

What are the "Alternative Energy Sources"?

Alternative energy means energy sources that have no dangerous consequences, for example fossil fuels or nuclear energy. They all use less carbon, which reduces the pollution and the waste of energy.

Alternative energy contents all those things that do not consume fossil fuel. They are easily available and environment friendly. They cause little or almost no pollution.

-Solar panels require little maintenance.-Solar panels are also a quite producer of energy.-Solar power can be used to produce electricity, it is also used in simple technology to heat water.



-The power generated is less during times of cloud cover.-"Today's most efficient solar cells only convert just over 20% of the suns rays to electricity."


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