Altair (star)

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Altair (star)

Compared to SunSurprisingly, Altair exceeds our sun in many various ways. Altair has 1.7x greater mass. Altair has 10.7 times the Sun's visual luminosity and 9.845 the Sun's bolometric luminosity. Also, Alltair radiates much more ultraviolet waves than the sun. Altair even seems to have twice the amount of elements that are heavier than oxygen based on the fact that Altair has an abundant amount of iron. However, the one of the only things that the Sun exceeds Altair in is its lifetime. Due to its huge amount of heat and mass, Altair will exhaust its core hydrogen faster, therefore the sun will last longer than Altair.

PROFILE:Constellation: AquilaDistance from Earth: 16.8 light yearsApparent magnitude: 0.76/.77Position: RA: 19h 50m 47.0s, dec: +08° 52′ 06″Time to Spin on Axis Once: about 10 hours

DID YOU KNOW? Altair is the 12th brightest star and it is the alpha star (brightest star) of Aquila.

"Hahaha! Stars, bow down to moi!" -AltairRespect Altair, because it holds a respectable record!

AltairAKA Alpha Aquilae

Aquila Constellation


Altair is the star located on Aquila's, the eagle, neck.

The name, "Altair" is based on the Arabic words for "The Flying Eagle".

Altair's width at its diameter is at least 14% greater than at its poles like a beachball that is squeezed on the top and bottom.

Altair is the southern apex of the Summer Triangle. Altair is also one of Earth's closest neighbors..

Altair is a white main sequence star, one of the oldest stars, of spectral and it also is a lumosity type A7 V-IVn.


Altair has one of the fastest rotational speeds, spinning at 210 kilometers per second (131 miles per second).

By Emily Kim


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