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Alpine Biome - vkane




Where is the Alpine?


Keystone Species

Humans and the Alpine Biome



- Located in the mountains under the snowlines, contains many plants that grow close to the ground - Himalayan Alpine Range: Asia□ Latitude: 27 degrees 59'16 North□ Longitude: 86 degrees 55'40 East- Andes Mountains: South America□ Latitude: 10 degrees North to 57 degrees South□ Longitude: 70 degrees West to 80 degrees East- Rocky Mountains: United States□ Latitude: 35 degrees North to 60 degrees North□ Longitude: 115 degrees East to 165 degrees East

- Temperatures and precipitation- High altitude location makes it very cold- In the summer the temperature ranges from -12 degrees C to 10 degrees C, winter temperatures can be below freezing- Rainfall is about 30 cm per year- Cold and dry climate- At night the temperature can be below freezing- Oct. - May: Winter- June - Sept.: Summer


- High altitude and cold temperatures do not allow for life to grow that much- 180 day growing period for plants

- Chinchilla - chinchilla lanigera- Alpaca - Vicugna Pacos- Snow Leopard - Panthera Uncia- Mountain Goat - Oreamnos Americanus- Yak - Bos Grunniens

- Bear grass - Xerophyllum Tenax- Bristlecone pine - Pinus Longaeva- Moss campion - Silene Acaulis- Wild potato - Solanum Tuberosum- Pygmy bitterroot - Lewisia Pygmaea

- Mountain Tapir - helps spread the seeds of plants so they can grow

- Plants grow very close to the ground because of the harsh climate, they reproduce slowly- Animals must migrate, hibernate, or have lots of fat and fur on their bodies to protect themselves from the harsh climate

- Many humans hunt animals in the alpine biome because they have thick fur that can be made into pelts and can be a source of food- Home to many of the world's national parksEndangered Species:- The chinchilla is endangered because it was hunted in the past for its dense and soft fur, used to make coats- The species is now protected from hunting by law

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