Alphalpha the Yeoman Farmer

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Alphalpha the Yeoman Farmer

Born: January 12, 1815

About Me

1) I was born to a family of farmers2) I own my own farm and laborers3) I am also a baliff for a high sheriff4) I am not wealthy but considered prominent5) I have six kids and a wife.

Location:Alphalpha and his family live in remote part of South Carolina. They live there because there is a lot of land to farm. The community is mostly made up of other Yeoman farmers.

AlphalphaYeomen Farmer

Religion:The Yeoman were not free to practice their Catholic faith in England. Now in America they have religious freedom.

Religious conflict faced in EnglandThe Act of Settlement 1701, which was passed by the Parliament of England, stated that whoever was a Catholic or whoever married one would be excluded from the succession to the throne.



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