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Alphabet-Lyrac by ylrac

Alphabet Books and Activities To Use In The Classroom

Learning the alphabet is an essential part of early learning about literacy...Distinguishing between letters and learning their names is not all there is to 'learning the alphabet.' Knowing how alphabet letters function in writing and knowing specific letter-sound associations are crucial. Otherwise, children cannot use the letter-name knowledge they have. by: Judith Schickedanz

Chicka Chicka Book Boom by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault

Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert

The Amazing Alphabet Book by Dr. Seuss - Click To Watch -

Teachers can provide a range of activities to help children learn about the alphabet.

A Family Alphabet Book by Bobbie Combs

The Vegetable Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta, Bob Thomson and Edgar Stewart

The Yummy Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta

Cleo's Alphabet Book by Caroline Mockford

The Turn-Around, Upside-Down Alphabet Book

by Lisa Campbell Ernst

ALPHABET WALK. Have students go outside and look for learned letters in the environmental print. They can look on signs, buildings and for more letters that they know.

Name Scramble. Have your students put the letters to their names on separate cards. Then have them mix up the letters and then try to put their name into the proper order. They can also trade cards with other students and try to spell each other's names.

Click Here for Great Alphabet Activities!!



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