Alonso Alverez de Pineda

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Alonso Alverez de Pineda

Alonso Alvarez de Pineda

Alvarez's goal was to find a waterway to China.The Europeans still did not know Calombus had discoverd a new continent. Alvarez began his exploration on the coast of Flordia, but was attacked by Amarican Indians.

Alvarez's early life is completly unknown. other than the last year of his life is unknown. His name dose not appear in any spanish records, leading some to belive he might not be spanish!

Do YOU like him? Alot of ohter people do,because back then people traveld by boat and they

did not know how to get where going and Alvarez started drawing maps.

His Life

Lasting Impact

Alvarez made alot of discoveries! He was the first Spanish explorer to get to Texas.He commanded a Spanish expodition that went along the Golf of Mexico from Flordia to Cabo Rojo,Mexico,in 1519.He drew the first maps of the Texas coastline.


Birth & Death

Alvarez was born in a small town called Aleacentenera in 1494.Alvarez died in 1520.That is about 26 years.That is VERY short! He died by being attacked by Indians.

I think that Alvarez was brave beacuse he sailed around the world just to draw maps. i think he was a nice person, trust me ,and I have read about about some mean people. They just found peole and thook them as slaves. The exploers did not even feed the. They chopped off thier legs so they could not escape!


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