Almost Home

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Almost Home

The setting of the story takes place in the winter season, in the city of New Paltz. The main setting is in the New Paltz Middle School. It has lockers, an auditorium, a stage and a cafeteria. Another main setting is Leah's father's house. It has a garage, Leah's room that has a bureau and a bed, the kitchen that has a table, a sink, an oven, a stove, and cupboards

The main characters are Leah and Will.Leah is a girl who was embarrassed because when Leah and Will first met since Leah moved, she forgot who Will is, but, Will thinks he knows her, page 7 of the book. She was disappointed because a few years back her parents got divorced since then she has been living with her mother. Now instead of her mother picking her up, her father came telling her that she has to live with him and his new wife, page 25 of the book. Also, Leah is caring because when her little sister Anne cries, Leah took care of her, pages 132 and 133 of the book. Finally, Leah felt happy finally seeing Anne since she moved to thier dad's house, page 164 of the book. Will is a boy who was disappointed because when Will saw Leah since she moved schools, Leah forgot who Will is, page 7 of the book. Also , Will is helpful because he gave Leah his math answers, page 40 of the book.

The first main event is when Leah and Will met again for the first time after Leah has moved. Secondly, when Leah explored her father's house for the first time. Next is when Will took Leah to the auditorium instead of going outside. Finally, Will showed Leah the audition form for the school play.

The problem of the story happened when Leah is getting picked up by her dad from camp instead of her mom picking her up. Her dad told her that she will be living with him. Leah is very upset about this because she wants to live with her mom and sister instead of her dad.

At Leah's school they go to a cafeteria to eat, then they go outside to play. Before, in my first school in the USA, we had to eat in a cafeteria then we had to go outside to play. My school and Leah's school are similar because the rules are that we have to eat at the cafeteria then we have to play outside.

The message of the story is to love and to spend more time with your family. Leah invited her stepmother to celebrate her becoming part of a play.

Out of 5 stars, I will give it four and a half stars because I like the message of the story. It's a story wherein one can learn a lot about family and life. And the character of Will is very entertaining. I would recommend this book to girls and boys who are 9 to 12 years of age who like to read stories that they can relate to.

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A loving ' happy family


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