Ally-Lake Ainsworth

by allycork5
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Ally-Lake Ainsworth

Lake Ainsworth

My Experience

My Cabin

My Activities

I loved Lake Ainsworth. The people, the activities and suprisingly the food wasn't all that bad. I highly reccomend the Ropes Course. It is challenging and a bit scary but once you are done you feel so proud of yourself. I personaly think my buddie made a huge differance and was AWESOME! The two Ally's make a great pair.

The photo in the middle of the page is my cabin. From the left are my cabin budies, Ally, Darcy, Me (Ally), Macy, Caitlin, Jazzy, Bree, Izzy, Sophie, Micky, Alina and last but not least Casey. The cabins stunk and Hope's had gum on it. One boy cabin had a diaper stuffed in the corner and ours had a nail that stuck out of the wall (it riped two peoples pants).

For our activities we chose, Raft Building, Archery, Ropes Course and finaly Rock Climbing. My least favourite was Rock Climbing and my favourite was the Rope Course. I highly recomend Lake Ainsworth to everyone and I hope I go again one day.


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