Allusions Between Greek Mythology And Everyday Life

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Allusions Between Greek Mythology And Everyday Life

Allusions Between Greek Mythology And Everyday Life

Nike was the Greek goddess of victory. Now, Nike is a very popular shoe brand, they are trying to express that if you wear Nike you too can be victorious.

Allusion: a passing, casual, or indirect reference to something.

Aegis carried a shield to protect Zeus and Athena from danger in Greek mythology. Now an insurance company is named after him, to do something "under someone's Aegis" means to be under the protection of a powerful source. Therefore, this insurance company wants to tell you that they will protect you from danger and cover the damage that occurs.

Venus was the Roman goddess of love and beauty. A company named their razors after her. Trying to express that if you use their product you too can have silky, smooth legs.

Starbucks is a very famous coffee shop. The logo of the shop is a Siren. In Greek mythology, the Siren was an attractive, irresistable female figure. Their objective was to succumb a passing sailor with a powerful enchanting song. The Starbucks logo was not intentionallysuggesting the demise of their customers who bought their coffee, instead, to express how irresistable and tempting their coffee is.

A trident was a weapon with three sharp points, it belonged to the Greek god Poseidon. Trident gum was the first sugar free gum which had three enzymes. These enzymes are supposed to fight off cavities, just like a trident in battle. Therefore, this company is expressing that if you chew their gumyou will be protected from cavities.

In Greek mythology, Zeuswanted revenge from the Greek god Prometheus, because he stole fire from Zeus and gave it to the mortals. In revenge, Zeus created the first woman, Pandora. When she was sent to earth with a jar and was told not to open it. She was very curious and opened the jar unleashing all the issues in our world.(famine,diseases etc.) The Pandora Jewelry brand decided to use hope as their inspiration to the jewelry designs.


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