[2015] Allison Shi: Allison's Horse Glog

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[2015] Allison Shi: Allison's Horse Glog

Horses are now used for farm work and pets. They can be tamed and respond well to humans.

Horses: Before and After


When a horse is wild, it feeds on grass and whatever water it can find. Wild horses travel in herds together and take care of one another. There are very few wild horses left. Tame horses feed on oats, grass, and fresh water. They sleep in stalls on beds of hay but still enjoy the company of others.

There are lots of breeds and colors of horses, along with different markings that set them apart. Some horses are specially bred for heavy farm work, while others are bred for competitions. Ponies are not a specific type of horse. They are, instead, simply a small breed of horse.

Horse Differences

In the day, all horses were wild, survived on their own natural instincts, and traveled together.


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