Allison Farr: Infinite Winds

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Allison Farr: Infinite Winds

Infinite Winds

Describle MachineWhat does it look like?:The Infinite Winds project is based on a ballon. It has in the sky to get wind power. As it's up in the air, it captures wind power and turns it into energy that we can use. As the wind passes over the ballon, the turbines move and get energy. So far, the prototype that they have tried testing has worked. And already in Europe, people are using the same invention but it's modeled as a kite. But they still don't use these types in America yet. The inventor used to make Air Force models for planes before he began to try and make this invention. He thought wind power was the best way to capture energy, because it's clean and a better way to help our planet. Unlike gasoline and other fuels that we use to power our energy.Design Brief: Problem: Global warming has been causing the ice glaciers to melt, and making the ocean larger.Solution: Wrapping Greenland will slow down the glaciers from melting.

RelevanceWhy is it important to understand Global Warming?:It's important to understand global warming, because the earth is getting warmer. It's getting much more warmer because we use and make too much fuel, which causes for more and more carbon to go into the air. And the more carbon there is, the more the world gets warmer. The reason we're noticing that the worlds getting warmer is because the ice is melting, which is making more water. And if the ocean gets more water, then it will have to get bigger and drown the land that we live on. Already, animals have lost they're homes because of global warming. A lot of animals live along shores, swamps, etc. And because theres more water, they're habitat is drowning underwater and the animals that used to live there will have to move into a new habitat. The people who are researching global warming say that it will entirely flood earth in 2050, if we don't stop it. Over the world, people are trying to make inventions that take the carbon out of the air. Making the world less warm and the ice will slowly stop melting. But they still have plenty of drawbacks, like where to put the carbon after they catch it out of the air. But since they just started, they say they are sure that they will find a way to take care of those drawbacks.

1.) The turbines.2. ) The Ballon.3. ) The Power Plant.4. ) The wire.5. ) The air inside the ballon. -1.) The turbines get pushed by the wind and move, creating the energy.3. ) The Power Plant below the ballon collects and stores the energy.4. ) The wire that keep the ballon from flying away and connects the newly collected energy to the Plower Plant.5. ) The air inside the ballon, keeps the ballon in the air.

1. ) The turbines will be tested. It will be tested by if it will spin when the wind pushes it. It will pass the test if it spins correctly and creates the energy when it spins.2. ) The ballon will be tested. It will be tested by if the ballon is strong enough to hold the turbine and stay in the air. It will pass the test if it does stay in the air and holding the turbine.3. ) The wire will be tested. It will be tested by if the wire is strong enough to hold to the ballon from letting it float away, and also has have the ability to get the energy made form the turbines and send it down to the Power plant below.4. ) The Power Plant will be tested. It will be tested by if the Power Plant gets the energy from the wire and stores the it until it is meant to be used. It will pass if it does collect the energy from the wire and stores it correctly.5. ) The air inside the ballon will be tested. It will be tested by if it keeps the ballon floating in the air. It was pass if it does keep the ballon in the air.



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