Allie- Vietnam

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Allie- Vietnam

Beautful Vietnam


The Poem Vietnamse Morning written by, Curt Bennett tells the readers about the way things looked and felt befor war began. The tone gives the readers a pleasent outlook on the vietnam country.


VIETNAMESE MORNINGBefore war startsIn early morningThe land is breath taking.The low, blazing, ruby sunMelts the night-shadow poolsCreating an ethereal appearance.Each miniature house and treeSprouts its, long, thin shadowStretching long on dewy ground.The countryside is panoramic maze,Jungle, hamlets, hills and waterways,Bomb-craters, paddies, broken-backed bridges.Rice fields glow sky-sheens,Flat, calm, mirrored lakesReflect the morning peace.The patchwork quilted earth,Slashed by snaking tree-lines,Slumbers in dawn's blue light.Sharp, rugged mountain peaksSleep in a soft rolling blanketOf clinging, slippery, misty fog.Effortlessly, languidly, it flowsShyly spreading wispy tentacles outTo embrace the earth with velvet arms.Curt BennettCopyright Curt Bennett © 2003

This artwork represents Vietnam's landscape. The poem tells about the great beauty of Vietnam. The soldiers in the war loved to wake up in the morning to the great beauty, but not to see the violence and hatred from the war.


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