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Allie- pressentatin

John Sabito-Langston HughesFamous african american who was part of the Harlem Renissance and wrote many famous poems and books and was famous for his litterature. He impacted the futue because he gave us a lot of the litterature that we use today. He died in 1967 in new york.Kaylee Smith-Robert FrostHe was a very famous author of the time who wrote many poems and is still very famous to this and day and his poems are still read.John Ives-GangstersThey use alot of different typesof guns to kill people such as machine guns they also used things to put around there knukkles to make there punch more hurtful. They always used a get away car.Steven Zembruski-Rockets & lie detectorsThey were both invented durring the 1920's and have become more complex and updated since then. The lie detector was invented by John Larson and were sometimes used by police. The first rocket only went up 84 feet. If the peope in the 20's had not invented these we would not have the more complex useful version today.Kyle- Louis ArmstrongHe was another famous jazz player who was sent to juvie as a kid which is where he became such an amzing musician.Mansur- Al CaponeHe was a gangster and quit middle shool in sixth grade to persue his career as a mobster. Made illegal bootlf beer and generated 100,000,000 dollars. He also ran loans and loanede money to different mobs.He was arrested for tax frod.He went crazy and died in 1946.Fancessca- DanceDance was a really important part of the 1920's because a lot of people used it for entertainment to get their mnds of of the war. Many people would go to see dancing shows and there were a lot of different types of dance created then that we would not have today if the dancers of the 1920's hadnt already created them.Liz- Traffic lights & lie detectorsThe Traffic light was very complex and then evolved into becoming something more simple that is almost everywhere today. The lie detector was also invented in th 1920's and has become more acurate and complex.Caroline Tobin-FashionA lot of people were into fashion to get their minds off of the war. There were many new trends such as flapper dresses, if it hadn't have changed then our attire now might be completley different. Olivia Gulian-Herbert HooverHe was one of the presidents that was not as favored because a lot of americans believed that he was the one who led there country into the great deppression. He impacted today because now the government now knows how not to handle the government in situations so that we dont go into another deppression.Davey- Scott JoplinHe was a really famous pianist of the time and everyone new who he was and he is still famous today. He was extremely skilled and talented pianist.Chance- Babe RuthHe was a famous baseball player in the 1920's. When he was little he lived in an orphanage and then went on to play baseball. He played for boston and new york.Cole Murphy- ProhibitonThe 18th amendment made drinking, selling, and manufacturing, of alcohol illegal because of religious people. The law was reapealed in 1934 by the 21st amendment.Lilly Smith- Ella FitzgeraldShe was a famous singer who wrote the song a tisket a tasket which is almost known as a nursery rhyme today and everyone still hears her songs today.Jack Dailey:-Ku Kluz KlanCreated one of the most harmful terrorist attacks and descrimanted against almost all people besides cristian whites and they still live on today. They still assemble today.Sig Sandberg-FBI They were needed especially at the time of prohibition and was created to stop crime and gangsterism created by gangs and prohibition durring the 1920's. It rewuires a very long process to become part of the FBI. Al Capone was one of the people that the FBI tried to stop at the time. The FBI impacted today because with out them our country would be more chaoctic and have more crime. Molly Rigney-PicassoHad really asbstract paintings and started painting at the age of 9.harles Sheeler painted factory work because he thought that that was more beautiful than nature and he also worked with ford.Cara Wagner- Duke Ellington-He was a very famous composer at the time and led a band in washington called the washingtonions. He played th piano very well at a young age. He brought a new style of jazz and everyone at the time new his songs.Hannah O'Grady- Henry FordHe invented the model t which was the most affordable car and he was also the first to use the assembley line.He affected the future because now everyone uses cars for transpertation.



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