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-The Morro:is a mixture of beans, rice and beef stew . Morro also in many cases and the Dominican Republic sites accompanied with cod .-The locrio : is a classic of Dominican Creole cuisine. It is similar to the Spanish paella. This delicious rice can be combined with shrimp , prawns , herring , sardines and cod.-Yaniqueques : it is also similar to the old Spanish preparations. It's like a cake flour, cooked with soda , water and salt soda. Buy yaniqueques on any street vendor and especially on any beach

INFORMATION-CurrencyIts official currency is the peso-Language A Dominican speak Spanish , it's like the Castilian but with some variations-Weather The variability in the behavior of temperatures in the Dominican Republic depends on the geographical location and mountainous existing systems throughout the country .The Dominican Republic has an average annual temperature of 25 ° C which is defined as a warm tropical climate. The higher temperature, about 34 ° C , is recorded in the months of June to August, and the lowest , 19 ° C is recorded between the months of December and February.There are two areas of low temperatures coinciding with the top of the Central Cordillera and a third low-temperature center moves from the Northern Range to the Atlantic coast in the basin of river Yásica -When to go?Should travel between December and April as the rest of the year ( May to November ) is the rainy season and the possibility of having hurricanes. Between January and March in Samana Bay you can observe humpback whales to be played

gastronomy(typical and popular dishes)

Geographical location

-How to go?Air travel is convenient because it is faster and comfortable-Pricethe cheapest flight can cost 500 euros ( round trip)


Punta cana

Beaches that go:


Columbus Lighthouse is a monument and Dominican museum built in honor of Christopher Columbus. In it, it is said that the remains of the famous admiral Christopher Columbus house




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