All the lovely bad ones

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All the lovely bad ones

By: Emma Pasierb7th Grade

That night one of the workers, Tracy, goes out by herself to see the ghost better. The next morning she says she saw a ghost. Then the next day more people come to see the ghost including two ghost spotters, Miss Eleanor Duvall and Chester Coakley.

One night Corey and Travis decide to scare some of the guests. Corey dresses up as a ghost with white make-up and white clothes and stands out in the grove.The next morning all the guests are excited that they got to see a ghost.

All The Lovely Bad Ones is about two siblings, Corey and Travis, who go to live at their grandmother's hotel for the summer. When they get there they find out it is haunted.

After the ghost spotters arrive Corey and Travis tell Mrs. Duvall that they faked the whole "ghost thing". Mrs. Duvall tells them they must have woken up the other ghosts and they will have to put them back to sleep.

One night Corey and Travis hear laughs and they get scared. They go inside and try to sleep. The next morning they do some research on ghosts and their grandmother's house. Later, three ghosts come out and introduce themselves; Caleb, Ira, and Seth. They tell about their harsh lives and how they died. They also tell about Miss Ada and ask for three things to be done: 1. Miss Ada's account book found 2. A proper headstone for their grave 3. Miss Ada must be exorcised and Corey and Travis have to do it themselves.

All The Lovely Bad OnesBy: Mary Downing Hanh




Corey said,"Just because you don't believe in ghosts doesn't mean they aren't real."Miss Ada said," You made me punish you, you made me hurt you.''

Will Travis and Corey complete all three tasks? Will they get Miss Ada, Caleb, Ira, Seth, and all the other ghosts to rest in peace and never come back? To find out all these answers and more read All The Lovely Bad Ones by Mary Downing Hahn.


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