All the Bright Places

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All the Bright Places

Jennifer Niven All the Bright Places


This takes place in Indiana, and it doesn’t really stay in one place they travel all throughout indiana for a school project. They go to the highest point in Indiana, Hoosier Hill. This project takes them to many different “natural wonders” of their state.. Such as, The World’s Largest Paintball, The Blue Lake, and even The Indiana Moon Tree.

I loved this book because the characters are very relatable to me, and my life. The way the characters are portrayed also peaked my interest. Niven writes about the characters, and uses them together just like they were meant for this book and each other. The writing style Jennifer Niven uses to describe the places they visit is also very interesting. She writes it in such a way that you feel like you are Wandering with them. I thought the pace of the book was quite a nice thing as well. Niven didn’t make the book go too slow or too fast. She made it to where the events happened in time that made the most sense. If I were to rate this out of 5 stars I would give it a 5/5.

Violet Markey is an average height girl with dark-blond hair. She is the ex-cheerleader turned quiet girl. She is this way only after her sister died. Violet is the kind “popular” girl who doesn’t really fit in with her friends. She has a very strong opinion, but decides to keep them to herself. Then after a few months with Finch she starts to open up and become herself again. After pairing up with Finch for a class project they start to get close, and eventually start dating. Her dream was NYU, but again after her sister passed she gave up on that pursuit.

Theodore Finch is the “outcast” of the school. Everyone knows of him as “Theodore Freak” He is definitely an outgoing personality. WIth many different quirks to him. Sometimes he decides to be “80’s Finch” or even others like “Bad Boy” Finch. He acts basically however he wants. Plus he has a bit of a temper, but after a few offences he learned to try and control. This book starts off after Theodore is “awake” as in mentally awake. He was asleep for the holidays. He associates with primarily Violet, but has two other “friends” Charlie Donahue and Brenda.



Cydnee SledgePeriod 111/30/15

Violet and Finch seem like two completely different people, but once partnering on a class project their true colors finally show. This book contains many ups and downs of their blossoming relationship. They are meant to be wandering their “Great State of Indiana.” So they go many different places together. Such as, Hoosier Hill (the highest point in Indiana), The Blue Pond, and The World’s Largest Paintball. These little adventures definitely started to bring them closer, and eventually they get together. What makes them unique is they both suffer from some sort of mental illness (anxiety, depression, etc.) So after being “awake” for a long time Finch slowly starts to go dark again. So then this book takes you on the journey of both, Violet and Finch dealing with that "sleep"

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