All About You!

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All About You!

All About YOU!

Create a "trading glog" of yourself. Include: * Your name* Your nickname* a symbol that represents you or a picture of yourself * Your birthday* Place of birth* Hobbies* any statistic you would like to share about yourself ie. # of pizzas you can eat at one sitting* three interesting facts about your life

Top Ten List (like David Letterman) 10 ten things you would never suspect about meYou know you're a sixth grader when...

Campaign Poster GlogCreate a campaign glogster in which you are running for a specific position based on your interests/talents i.e. - member of the Olympic snowboarding team, lead singer for your favorite band* Create a slogan* Include the talents which will be useful for your desired position* Include a graphic to "sell" yourself* Write and record a speech to present yourself to the class.

Theme Song - Choose a song that best represents who you are. Choose 4 particular lines--write about how they apply to your past/present experiences in life. Select a brief excerpt from the song to play during your presentation.

Create a Wordle about yourself: click here to get to Wordle.netEnter your name more than one time (this will highlight it in the Wordle)Add at least 8 adjectives about yourselfIf you need help with adjectives, use the Spotlight Tool to enter a word and then select 'Thesaurus'.More synonyms can be found at: you want two words to stay together in your Wordle, like 'bike rider', use the 'tilde' symbol (~) if you want to have two words stay togetherWhen your Wordle is done use the 'Grab' tool to get a screen shot and turn it into a JPG. When your Wordle is a JPG on your desktop, upload it to your Glog.

step 2 - Make a Wordle (you will put in on your glog)


your choice...

step 1Make your avatar + use it in your account information

step 3 - choose a theme


You have 4 classes to finish your glogster!


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