[2015] Delio Silvestri (4th grade 2015, 4th Grade Science): All About the Body Systems

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Human Anatomy

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[2015] Delio Silvestri (4th grade 2015, 4th Grade Science): All About the Body Systems

The Respiratory System

3 systems

Your body systems work together to form the body.

Learn About the Body

Learn About Your Body

The Circulatory System

The Circulatory Systems main job is to give blood, food, and oxygen to your body. The main oragon in this system is the Heart. Also, the Heart has 2 sides. The left side pumps blood into the body. The right side of the Heart pumps blood into the Lungs. Two types of blood vessels are veins and arteries. Veins carry blood to the heart and Arteries carry blood away from the Heart.

Did you know that White blood cells are much more rare then Red blood cells?

Did you know that white blood cells are much more rare than red blood cells?

The Respiratory systems main job is to give you oxygen.The main organ in this system is the Lungs, the Lungs help you breathe. The Trachea (windpipe) is a tube that carries air to the lungs. You breath mostly through your nose. The nose is like a air filtering system for your body.

The Digestive systems main job is to break down food. The pathway for all of this food is sometimes called the Alimatary canal.The main organ of the Digestive system is the stomach. Some muscles push food into your stomach. Also, the Gall Bladder stores Bile until the Bile is needed.

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Did you know they are over 300 million air sacs in your lungs that give you fresh oxygen?

Did you know your saliva glands make over 1.5 Liters of saliva per day? Did you know that your Small Intestine can be longer than 20ft?

By Andrew S

By Andrew S

The Digestive System


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