All About the Atmosphere

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Earth Sciences

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All About the Atmosphere

All About the Atmosphere

Layers of the Atmosphere:

Mesosphere|-third layer in the atmosphere-meteors burn up once they reach this layer-temperature decreases as the altitude increases

Thermosphere|-fourth layer of the atmosphere-temperature increases as the altitude decreases-hottest layer -contains ions (charged particles) that absorb radiowaves and ultraviolet rays from the sun

Troposphere| -first layer of the atmosphere- weather occurs in this layer -temperature decreases as the altitude increases-layer that we live in

Stratosphere|-second layer of the atmosphere-contains the ozone layer-ozone protects harmful Ultraviolet rays from reaching the Earth's surface-temperature increases as the altitude increases

Exosphere|-fifth layer-layer closest to the sun-temperature decreases with altitude-satellites are found in this layer

Density|How packed together atoms arein a substance

Air Pressure|the pressure given off by the atmosphere

Altitude|the height of an object or point in relation to sea level or ground level

Gases that make up the Earth's Atmosphere:

Nitrogen- 78%

Argon- 1%

Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Ozone (Other Gases)- a trace .5%

Oxygen- 21%

Heat Transfer:


Convection-heat transfer through gases and liquids-Found in the atmosphere when (for example) the land is cooled by the ocean, which is known as convection currents

Conduction|heat transfer through direct touch-Found in the atmosphere when energy is transmitted by two molecules colliding together

Radiation|heat transfer through electromagnetic wavesFound when (for example) the Sun heats up our atmosphere


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