[2015] Taylor House (15-16 Tech Start): All about Taylor

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[2015] Taylor House (15-16 Tech Start): All about Taylor

Digital Storytelling

In my future i have college, UMKC or MO S&T. Where I will get my degree in mechanical engineering. After that I plan on getting married, moving into a two story house. Also, continue my career in the Amry. As a side project i plan to bulid a car for racing as a hobby.

In my free time I really enjoy playing my guitar. I've only recently started playing but since I have gotten my guitar I practice every night.I also like playing Xbox live. I have an Xbox 360 and an Xbox One. Some of my favorite games are: Battlefield, Forza Motorsport, Fallout, Call of Duty, GTA V, and more.Something else that I also enjoy, but dont get to do as much is paintball. ill go to Jaegers paintball field with friends and spend the whole day there merkn' fools.


All Aboot Taylor

My Future

My most momorable experiance took place last summer. That was Basic Combat Training. during that time I have grown as a person and became an American Soldier, joined the 1% that defends this great country.#Murica'


My goals in life are to further myself in the military. To become a high ranking officer and to graduate college with nothing less than a Bachlors (in engineering as of right now.)

I live with my mother and step father, my step brother, who is also in the Army, lives at Fort Riley, KS. My sister lives in indianapolis, ID. me and my sister are very close, we dont fight and argue much or at all really. My mom has always suported me and my goals. I also have a Pitbull thats 12 and a Cat thats 2.





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