All about Silver

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All about Silver

•Symbol: Ag•Atomic Number: 47•Atomic Mass: 107.8682•State of matter at room tempeature is Solid.

Physical properties: •Soft•White •Shiney surface

Melting point: 961.95ºC Boiling point: 2,155•c

Chemical Properties:•Inactive Metal•Does not react with oxygen in air under normal circumstances•Reacts slow with sulfur compounds in air•Doesn't react with water, acid, and many more compounds

Discovery•Early Humans•Before 3400BC after gold and copper 12th century A.D.•Egypt

Silver comes from Latin word, Argentum meaning silver. The symbol represents a new moon in Latin.

Nature:•Rare element in Earth's crust•Found in seawater

Uses:•Coins, Jewelry, Art work, Instead of gold, phones.

Intresting Facts:Silver usually comes from ores that contain very small amount of metal. 10% is used in jewelry and artwork.


Silver has an important role in film, it is commonly used in jewelry. In addition, Silver has an importance in electrical and electronic equipment.It conducts heat and electricity better than any other element

Silver is classified as a precious metal. Precious metals are not very abundant in the Earth's crust. Meaning, they are rarely found in Earth's crust


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