All About Sharks

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All About Sharks

Snack TimeWhew! These guys have a big appetite! Sharks can eat a lot of things. Some include sea snails, sea urchins, seals, fish, and even birds! Their diet mainly reliies on meat. Some sharks even prefer to eat their prey dead. But most like the patable taste of when they're alive.To be honest, their diet can vary depending on where they live and how big they are. There are many reasons why sharks eat what they eat. Oh, and another thing is that they don't drink water. This is because their blood and tissue are extremely salty. There are still a lot of mysteries why sharks eat like this, but those were just a few answers to what you were wondering.

Open HouseWhere do sharks live? Everybody knows they live in the ocean. But where? It can vary depending on the species of shark and if the shark has enough food to survive. For instance, if the food supply shortens the shark will instinctively move out and find another place to live. If sharks move out they can easily adapt to another environment. You can mostly find sharks on the surface of the water near their habitat while others like it in the deep abyss. Sadly, we have to be more careful around these habitats. We are polluting and destroying a lot of their homes and food sources to live. IOf people keep this up sharks could be on the edge of extinction. That wouldn't be so good in the end.

Sleeking SilentlyThe shark goes in for the seal at full speed. Oh my goodness; he's gotten it! Wait. How did the shark do it?First, the shark has to sense the prey. It has highly developed senses to do this. Did you know a shark has such a sensitive smell that it can sense a single drop of blood in a olympic-sized swimming pool? After smelling the loot he has to travel to the destination future victim. The shark soon gets there and stalks his prey. He waits quite a distance away ready to attack. Finally, the shark goes in for the kill and eliminates it from the sea. Sharks have many different strtegies of catching food though. Great whites go in agressively and kills the loot right away. However, the hammerhead waits patiently to pin down its prey with its specially developed head. These are some of the many strategies a shark uses to hunt its prey.


Food Chain(Notice that the shark is at the top of the diagram)

Fun Facts Unlimited Teeth?1.It depends on what species2.Most sharks have multiple rows of teeth3.Shark teeth are really loose and fall out easily4.Some sharks can have over 50,000 teeth over the course of their livesWhy do we consider sharks dangerous?1.We have a fear for sharks because we have to be on constant alert for predators2.There is a very small chance of being attacked by sharks3.Most shark attacks are actually accidentalCan sharks die without swimming?1.Yes2.Sharks have to keep swimming because they need to keep water flowing over their gills in order to maintain a good oxygen level

1. Smelling



4.Catching Prey

By: Gavin Schwandt#23Turner

Shark swimming underwater

Shark jumping for prey

Toxic Warning Sign


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