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All About Shakespeare

All About Shakespeare

Innovator of Language and Master of Culture

Did You Know? Shakespeare is credited with inventing almost 3,000 words. He used more words than can be found in the King James version of the Bible ("The Language of Shakespeare").

Puns, Hidden Meanings and Double Entendres: Shakespeare's wizadry with words

Shakespeare wrote 38 plays, 154 sonnets and other narrative poems and verses. Today his plays are performed all around the world.

Shakespeare's Timeless Quality: When capturing the issues of his own age, he also set to stage stories that appeal to human beings throughout the ages and all over the world. His plays are performed more often than the works of any other playwright.

Imaginative ContentShakespeare's language is full of poetry and imagery. His words open portal to other worlds from history to mythology to fantasy and realism.

Magic and Mystery

The Elizabethan era, also known as the golden years of England, was a time of advancement in the arts, sciences and technology, from 1558 to 1603. It occurs during the period known as the Renaissance in Europe, a time of rebirth and innovation. It was also a time of power struggle within factions of the government, the people of the country and with other nations in Europe. Queen Elizabeth I, for whom the era was named, led with an iron hand and is credited for promoting England’s superpower status (“Elizabethan England Life”).


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