All about R.L. Stine

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All about R.L. Stine

4.) Everyone calls me Bob.5.) I have written 300 books. (so far)6.) In 2003, I received the Guinness World Record for: Best-Selling Children's Book Series Author.

1.) I was born in Columbus, Ohio on October 8th, 1943.2.) I started writing short stories and joke books at the age of 9.3.) I am scared of jumping in the water.

Words of Advice "Write everyday. Just a paragraph or two. Keep a journal or a diary. That way you'll always be writing." ~R.L.Stine

R.L. Stine's Booklist

R. L. Stine

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Most Wanted Series #1-6

Original Series#1-62

"Read, read, read. Don't just read one author. Read as many different kinds of things as you can."



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