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World War I

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All About Rifles

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Many said that the bayonet was used for opening cans, to scrape mud off uniforms and even to assist in the preparation of communal latrines. In short terms, a bayonet is simply a blade that is attached to the barrel of a rifle for use in close combat. Even though bayonets were meant to be used in close combat, experienced soldiers generally preferred other methods such as, carrying improvised clubs, blades or knuckledusters.

History of the Rifle

Despite advances in machine gun, mortar and grenade technology, rifles remained the most crucial, ever-present infantry weapon throughout World War 1. All major armies had equipped their infantry with bolt-action rifles by the early twentieth century. The combination of magazine-held rounds, reliable ammunition, and greatly increased range made them formidable weapons in the hands of trained infantry.

German Rifle

The German armry used many guns for world war 1. The main rifle model that they used was the Belgian model 1889 "Mauser". The Mauser was the first bolt-action service rifle of the Belgian army. It was designed by two brothers, Paul and Wilhelm Mauser, in Germany in the late 19th century. The length of the rifle is 50.98 inches, and the barrel alone is 30.71 inches. Its weight is 4 kilograms and its rate-of-fire is 8 rounds per minute.

Usa Rifle


The Rifle that the Americans used in world war 1 was the Springfield 1903 rifle. The springfield 1903 rifle was the official standard rifle for the United States for more than 33 years and is considered one of the top rifles of all time. It not was designed by a specific person but it was designed by the Springfield armory. Its length is 43.2 inches , the barrel length is 24 inches and its weight is 3.95 kilograms.


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