All About Queen Hatshepsut

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All About Queen Hatshepsut

The Obelisk

All About Queen Hatshepsut by:JanJairo

Queen Hatshepsut

This is the Queens temple,d.dmg&psig=AFQjCNGPQos2Rw9EbJqDp-iuUx1YQcDGaQ&ust=1380197366094914

The Obelisk

One of Queen Hatshepsut built a lot of moneuments and temples.One of the temples she finished building was her fathers and she named it Queen's temple at Beir-el-Bhari.She also built the Obelisk.Queen Hatshepsut demanded hundreds of contruction projects.Queen Hatshepsut hiredn Ineni who had worked for her father when he ruled.

Who Was Queen Hatshepsut? Queen Hatshepsut was a female pharaoh.Queen Hatshepsut was really powerful because she was a woman and queen of Ancient Egypt.Queen Hatshepsut ruled as regent for six years.Then in 1473 B.C. she declared herself pahoroah of Egypt.Queen Hatshepsut also wore beards similiar to the ones worn by previous male pharoahs sitting on the throne of Egypt.

The 2006 discovery of a foundation deposit including nine golden cartouches bearing the names of both Hatshepsut and Thutmose III in Karnak may shed additional light on the eventual attempt by Thutmose III and his son Amenhotep II to erase Hatshepsut from the historical record and the correct nature of their relationships and her role as pharaoh.

Queen Hatshepsut died on her 22nd year of ruling.No one really knows why she died but according to her mummy we think she died from bone cancer and diabetes.



The Obelisk

Who was Queen Hatshepsut?

link to an Archaeological discovery of Queen Hatshepsut

Archaeological discoveries

Queen Hatshepsut Video



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