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All About Portia White

Portia White is an amazing woman who has a gorgeous smile

Portia White is smiling because she loves what she does, singing

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The Famous Black Canadian Portia WhitePortia White was born on June 24, 1911. She lived in a town in Nova Scotia called Truro. Portia died on February 13, 1968 in Toronto due to a long battle with cancer. Her life may have been short because she died at the age of 56 but I believe that she loved every second of her life. I believe this because in every picture that I have seen of her she had a beautiful smile. I bet that Portia was an amazing woman and anyone would be lucky to meet her. Portia White, the third of thirteen children born to Izie Dora and William Andrew White. Izie was a descendant of black loyalists. William was the son of slaves from Virginia. William graduated from Acadia University in Nova Scotia in 1903 and was the first black graduate. Izie was the musical director for the Cornwallis Street Baptist Church in Halifax where William was the minister. Portia entered the Dalhousie University in 1929 to get an education to be a singer and teach kids about music. In 1942 Portia made her national debut as a singer in Toronto and in 1944 her international debut in New York City. Portia had a gift which was her talent and her beautiful voice. She had a three- month tour in Central and South America in 1946 and sang in Switzerland and France in 1948. She sang both classical European and Negro spiritual music. She taught some of Canada’s foremost singers because due to some vocal problems she was forced to retire in 1952. One of Portia’s last major concerts was for Queen Elizabeth II. Portia briefly left retirement to perform for her. Portia White accomplished a lot in her life. Even thought she was at a young age, Portia joined the choir at the age of six and that started her music career. At the age of eight she was given the opportunity to sing on Canadian Radio Broadcasts. The Halifax Ladies Musical Club supported Portia when she continued musical training. After she died honours were bestowed on her. In 1997 a special reward was created for artists in memory of her. In Truro a plaque declared Portia as a person of historic significance and the first Canadian woman of African descent to receive that designation. People all around the world will respect Portia White now and forever. Portia's popularity opened doors to talented blacks.

All About Portia White

"Honoring Those Who Paved the Way"

Portia White

Portia White is an amazing singer and she loves to perform

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Portia White was born in Truro

information on Portia White

Portia White's siblings are unknown except her brother Bill White

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