[2015] Douglas Lee: All About Plants!

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[2015] Douglas Lee: All About Plants!

The Parts of a PlantEvery flower will have four parts such as: Roots, Stems, Leaves and Flowers.- The roots suck up minerals from the soil from the ground. - The stem helps the plant stay straight- the leaves make food by using carbon dioxide water and sunlight just to create sugar flowers are important because they make all the seeds.

How they GerminateThey get water and nutrients and they will crack out of their seed and will eventually start growing.

How plants make foodThe leaves breath in carbon dioxide and then will have the power to make sugar.

Plants can grow anywhere and it can come out in different sizes and shapes

There are many different kinds of plants like: trees, moss, conifers and many more.

The roots could be long or short

Plants can provide food and give shelter

All about Plants


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