[2015] Pedro Garcia: All about Pedro

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[2015] Pedro Garcia: All about Pedro


In my future life I plan to have kids as well have the family I never had. I want to go and finish college for my self and bring a good income to support my famiy.Ill be in the medical field as well in the mechainal field as a hobby. Ill still be me and support my family when in need. I plan to finish college and after college move to Houston Texas with my wife so we can live ower dream.

My favorite hobbies are to go dirt bike riding, playing football is another hobby i like doing during the fall time or the winter time. As well other hobbies is eating and keep my self outside working on my truck motocycles or building something.


All about Pedro

Future Life

I remember when I was 7 my dad first thought me how to ride a bike as well when he pushed my bike so i could get a head start. When I was 4 years old I remember I learned how to ride my dirt bike as well the first time I had the time of my life to start.

My goals are to finish college rasie a family of my own, own a company that my dad can manage and take over so he coud have for him self as well be happy over all.

My family isn't the best my family come from Mexico, El Salvador and Texas. Most of my family is in Texas as well in El Salvador its really 50/50. My family continuous to grow which makes me happy coause the more cousins i get to have.

My Passion




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