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All About Oregon

All About Oregon

Origin of Oregon's NameThe origin of Oregon's name is unknown, but it was first used by Jonathan Carver in 1788, most likely from the writings of an English officer.

Founding of OregonOregon was founded as a refuge from disputes of slavery. Oregon had a whites only policy in their original state constitution.

State Symbols1. State Nickname: The Beaver State2. State Motto: Alis Volat Propriis (She flies with her own wings)3. State Bird: Western Meadowlark4. State Fish: Chinook Salmon5. State Animal (mammal): Beaver6. State Song: Oregon, my Oregon7. State Flower: Oregon Grape8. State Tree: Douglas Fir9. State Nut: Hazelnut10. State Insect: Swallowtail Butterfly

This is the Oregon Grape Flower.

This is a Swallowtail Butterfly.

Origin of Oregon's FlagThe Oregon Flag was adopted in 1925. The Oregon State flag is the only U.S. flag with different designs on different sides.The British and American Ships were to show that Oregon was owned by both sides. Now, the U.S.(America) owns Oregon because the U.S. and Great Britain signed a treaty stating thatthe U.S. now owns Oregon. The wagon honors the pioneers that traveled to Oregon by wagon on the Oregon Trail. The plow, sheaf of wheat, and the pickaxe are representing Oregon's mining and agriculture. The eagle and banner state that Oregon joined the Union in 1859 as the 33 state. Lastly, the beaver which is the only thing on the back of the flag, proves that Oregon really is the Beaver State.

This is the back of the Oregon flag.

This is the front of the Oregon flag.

Average Temperature (climate in degrees fahrenheight)January: Low: 35, High: 48February: Low: 35, High: 52March: Low: 37, High: 56April: Low: 40, High: 61May: Low: 45, High: 68June: Low: 49, High: 74July: Low: 53, High: 82August: Low: 53, High: 82September: Low: 48, High: 77October: Low: 42, High: 64November: Low: 38, High: 53December: Low: 34, High: 46

General Geography and RegionsGeography: Land: 96,003 square milesWater: 2,383 square milesCoastline: 296 square milesShoreline: 1,410 square milesRegions:There are 4 regions. These regions are called the Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, and High Desert regions.

Salem, OregonSalem, Oregon is Oregon's state Capital. It is one of the major cities in Oregon (the third largest). Salem means place of peace. This city was chosen to be the capital of Oregon because people were fighting about what city the capital should be, so the U.S. Government decided for them and chose Salem.

Major CitiesPortland (population: 583,776)Eugene (population: 156,185)Salem (population: 154,637)

This is Eugene, Oregon. It is the 2nd largest city in Oregon and also is where my grandparents live.

Major Agricultural and Manufactured Products1. Cheese2. Milk3. Ice Cream4. Yogurt5. Strawberries6. Beef7. Young Chicken8. Chicken Eggs9. Wheat10.Onions11.Peppermint Oil12.Christmas Trees13.Potatoes14.Pears15.Plums16.Cherries17.Hazelnuts

Places To Go and SeeLewis and Clark National Historical Park (I have been there and it is fun)GreshamKlamath Falls (nice scenery)Crater LakeOregon CavesJohn Day Fossil BedsCape MearesGolden and Silver Falls State Park

Notable IndividualsBeverly Cleary: Author (Ramona series)Edwin Markham: PoetJane Powell: actress and singerRiver Phoenix: actorRyan Powell: Actor (voiced Hiro in Big Hero 6)

Edwin Markham

Beverly Cleary


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