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All About New York

On a street called Broadway, people see famous musicals and plays.Also, in New York, there are two very important islands.The first one is Ellis island. There is a museum about immigrants there.Immigrants used to enter the United States by passing through Ellis Island.The other island is Liberty Island. The Statue of Liberty is located there. It was a gift from France. France was saying,"Congrats for your freedom, America!" Did you know that The Statue Of Liberty used to be brown? It was made of copper, and over the years the copper turned green.

Population: 8.406 million (2013)Ethnic %White - 67.9%Asian - 5.5%Native American - 0.4%African American - 15.9%Other - 10.3%

GeographyNew York has many mountains, and they are really old, but not very high. The state’s highest point is Mt. Marcy, which is in the Adirondack mountain range. It is 5,344 feet (Which is also equivalent to I,629 meters) above sea level. The Catskill Mountains are in the southern part of New York. Parts around the great lakes are really flat.New York's size is 47,214 square miles.New York has many animals. Some of them include Beavers, White - Tailed Deer, black bears, foxes, coyotes, and small rodents and many different kinds of birds.Also some major rivers and lakes around New York are The Hudson River (306 miles), Delaware River (280 miles), Mohawk River (148 miles), Lake Erie is the to the west, Lake ontario is to the north. Niagara Falls is also in New York. Some trees that are found in New York are Maple, Oak, Birch, and Pine. The climate in New York isn't much different than Illinois, Winters are VERY cold, Springs are rainy, Summers warm, and Autumns are cool.


EconomonyNew York has fewer factories than it used to have.Many New York people do services (like restaurants, hospitals, hotels, etc)The New York Stock exchange (NYSE for short) is a very crowded placeAt the NYSE they buy and sell shares of stocks in different companies, and when they do that they earn a portion of a companyTourism is common in New York so they always have to have hotels, restaurants and airports up and running.The John F. Kennedy Airport is the largest and busiest airport in New York.New York produces Dairy, Apples, Grapes, Corn, Cherries, and Hay.

Giovanni Da Verranzo was the first European to set foot on New York in 1524. He sailed into New York harbor to find land for France. In 1609 British Hudson and his men came sailing down what is now the Hudson River.Later the Dutch came and traded with Natives. Soon they built a settlement and called "Fort Orange". They also built New Amsterdam. Soon New Amsterdam became very crowded. Then, the British wanted New Amsterdam. In 1664 the British sent ships and Dutch Governor Peter Stuyvesent surrenderd, and The British renamed New Amsterdam to New York, and Fort Orange became Albany, New York's Capital. In the 1770s, New York was a British Colony. Many Colonists decided to end it. So they Began the Revolutonary War. It began in 1775. The war was long and hard. Finally the war ended in 1783, and America won. America was now its own country. Things then began to change in New York. It started to get very crowded. And in 1825, workers finished the Erie Canal. It connected the Hudson river to Lake Erie. Then, in 1861, the Civil War began. Southern States wanted slavery. Northern States did not. So Southern States left and made themselves a new country, called the Confederate States of America. They fought against Northern States. Some People in New York did not want to fight. So they started riots in New York City. But many New Yorkers fought in the war. In 1865, the North Won and slavery ended, FOR GOOD. In the 1930s, The Great Depression began. During this time, many people lost their jobs. In 1941, the U.S. entered in World War 11. After World War 11, New York’s economy improved. New York built the St. Lawrence Sea Way which transports goods in New York. On September IIth, 2001, terrorists attacked in New York City. The terrorists flew planes into two towers of the World Trade Center. Each tower was a building more than I00 stories tall. The buildings fell, and 3000 people died.Today New York is still improving and immigrants still come there.


GovernmentCapital: AlbanyGovernor: Andrew CuomoSenators: Kenneth Lavalle and John Flanagan Mayor: Bill De Blasio (New York City)Number of People in the House of Representatives: 27

Places ToVisit

Six Fast FactsState Bird: Eastern BluebirdState Flower: RoseState Song: “I love New York” by Steve KarmenTree: Sugar Maple State Animal: BeaverState Motto: Excelsior

Ellis Island


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