All About My Self

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All About My Self

All About My Self

My happy time is when l went back to china to see my friends and my ucle.aunt,Paternal aunt,Paternal uncle l really miss them l think i will go back 1 year latr to send my Grandfather,Grandmother back to china and l mite come beacause my siter will send my Grandmother and grandfarther to china.

l like to eat ice cream on a hot day and l like to build a wall at the beach so the water don't come up and l have to block the water not to come up.l like play computer games my favourite games on my computer is 4399,7k 7k,kizi,friv l like to drink milo and l like to doing crafting stuff and l like to make stuff.l like to play with my friends at home time and school time l really like to play 4399 the chinese game that like like it is like a battle game and you get five pet at the start l really like to play that game but it is online game and needs a acount.



Xian Chao Jiang

My favourite sport is flag belt rugby l like to rip people fag of and runing to the finish line and l like to play murder ball like to catching the ball and thowing the ball it is simillar to dogege ball.


I like art beacause l can make crafting things and making things with the clay and l like to draw pictures and things.l really like to make things l like to concentrate on my work.


l went trick or treating on the saturday the2 of the 11 of the 15 five 07 l went to trick or treating l got to full buckets of lollies l went with Bruce,Xing yu,Le, Leo and Leo's friend

Halloween Time


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