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All About Miss Robertson

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My favorite grade in school was 2nd grade. I LOVED my teacher, Miss Weber! She was the best and inspired me to become the teacher I am today. I also liked my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Madsen. I remember she taught us sign language and it was so cool! So, I will teach you some sign language this year in honor of her.6th grade was fun because of all the work we did with Ancient Civilizations. I loved going to the Egyptian Museum.

I was born in Santa Rosa, California, on June 24, 1983. I am the oldest of three. I have a brother and a sister.

Miss Robertson

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Elementary School

I went to Montgomery High School, in Santa Rosa. My favorite part of school was playing sports. I played on the JV soccer team for 2 years, and the JV and Varsity softball team all 4 years. I also loved going to school dances. They were so fun!

I got my Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies and Teaching Credential from Chico State. I also went back to Chico State to get my Master's Degree in administration. I hope one day to become a principal.

* My boyfriend, Aaron* SF Giants* Playing softball * Scrapbooking and being creative* Watching movies (A League of Their Own)* Reading Books (Twilight Series)* Going on vacations (Maui, Tahoe, Fort Bragg)* Spending time with my family and friends



High School

I have one cat, his name is Tini. He is six and a half years old. His favorite toy is a string.I have one dog, her name is Milani. She is a German Shepherd and Husky mix. She is 8 months old. Her favorite trick is "shake."



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