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Hi I'am Dylan and I am 10 Years old. I was bor on March 25 200. my dads name is Jeffry, H, Griffith. My moms name is Jodi, s, griffith. I have 3 brothers named steven, zacery, and daric. Ihave a sister name seara, N, starcy.

My faveret songs are solo by liyzi. hit me baby one more time by britny spers.

my faveret books arevalimer tod.

my favorite website is .Monster

my favorite movie is. Nims iland.underdog. fred the movie.Anicondas

I have a dog named matilla she is 1 yaer old she likes playing whith her mom and dad. I like to ply dog ball it is like fech but it has a kick you kick the ball instaed of throhging it.


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