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I am the oldest of three sisters, as well as the oldest of thirteen first cousins. I am also the proud aunt of an amazing boy named Ryder and two beautiful girls, named Ella and Reagan.

Growing up, my father was in the US Air Force until I was 12, so my family moved a lot before settling in Sussex County, NJ. I have lived in five different states, with multiple houses each time!

A graduate of Wallkill Valley High School in Hamburg, I attended TCNJ in Trenton, NJ for college, getting an undergraduate degree in Secondary Ed English. I also have also earned a Masters in the Art of Teaching from Marygrove College in Michigan!

While in High School, I played Varsity Soccer, though it has been awhile! I also enjoy skiing, swimming, and boating. I love to read and almost any fiction story will do- some favorite authors are Mary Higgins Clark, Kathleen McGowan, JK Rowling, and Rick Riordan.One thing many people don't know? I absolutely LOVE to sleep in on rainy days! :oP

Food- Tacos! Frequently a birthday meal...Scent- Vanilla & LavenderColor- Blue and/or greenHoliday- HalloweenMonth- March (my birthday!)Number- Twenty-two


In the fifteen years I have been at this school, I have taken on a lot of club advisor positions! I have done the Ski & Snowboard club in the winter, I worked costumes/makeup/props/and scenery for the Spring Musical, I was a team coordinator, and for two years, I was charge of the school yearbook, Crossroads. I have also always chaperoned school trips, such as the 7th grade Stokes overnite and the 8th Grade graduation trip.

Though my budget has always been limited, I absolutely love to travel! I have been on two cruises, one to the Bahamas and one to Bermuda. I have been down to Florida, North Carolina, and the Jersey Shore. I have been up to the Adirondacks, the Catskills, Vermont, and a gorgeous spot off the coast of Rhode Island called Block Island. Two years ago I flew out to San Diego for a week and last summer I was down in New Orleans! There is a possible trip to Chicago in the future, as well as my dream vacation to Europe!

My parents named me after an Allman Brothers' song, "Jessica", which has no words!


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