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All about Me

All About MeDylan Schwabe

My FamilyI live with my mom,dad and brother. My dad's name is Joe. My mom's name is Rachel. My brother's name is Devin.I love them so much because they are fun to be with. They are speical because they enjoy spending time with me.

Personal Accomplishments4th grade - Student Council member and Thunder baseball player5th grade - all A and B honor roll for 2nd quarter, Dragons baseball team, D.A.R.E program, perfect attendence for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarter

Hobbies, Sports, &InterestI play flag football and baseball. Last year, my football team won 3 out of 5 games.I was the running back and wide receiver. I like playing running back the best. I play baseball for the Dragons. Last year my team was undefeated in the season. I played second base and center field. I was MVP.


This is Me NowThat was me then; this is me now.Last year I was smaller;now I am taller.I used to enjoy reading books; now I don’t like reading books.I used to believe in dragons;now I don’t believe in dragons.I used to be confused by reading books; now I'm not confused by reading books.Last year I felt confused;this year I’m not as confused.Last year I hoped I would lose my fear of dogs;now I still am afraid of dogs.Last year I wanted to be a superhero;now I don’t want to be a super hero.This year I am eleven years old.That was me then; this is me now.

Information About MeSome goals that I have are to be a NFL football player and get good grades in school. Something special about me is I am kind and I like to help others.Something I would like to improve is my grades.

FriendsMy closest friends are Isaac, Kegan, Devin, Pipper,Teyon, Maddie, Justin, Tyler, Donovan, and Daniel. I value them because they are all nice and funny. We all like to run. We are all fast.

Character Traits-Thoughtful -Generous-Athletic


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