All about me

by cwpowers
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All about me

Birthday: November 25, 1985Family: Mom (Cindy), Dad (Rob), 1 brother (Justin), 1 sister (Chelsea)Favorite Color: GreenFavorite Book: The Shining by Stephen KingFavorite Movie: Star WarsFavorite Song: "Corner of the Sky" from the musical PippinFavorite Food: Italian, Greek, KoreanFavorite Hobbies: Gardening, hiking, music, reading, geographyFavorite Quote: "Good luck exploring the infinite abyss!"When I was a kid, I wanted to be: An actor or a storm chaserCareer Goals: Obtain my Master's plus 30Life Goals: Buy a house, roadtrip across America, travel to Europe

All About Me!

By Mr. PowersThird Grade FKES

Three cool facts!


1) I have ancestors who fought in the American Revolution.2) I am obsessed with movies by Hayao Miyazaki.3) My favorite meal to make is breakfast; I'm really good at making large breakfast casseroles.



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