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All about me

My favord learning style is visual beacuse I learn best when i am visualizing everything i seee. when i am studying my test I like to draw diagrams and symbols on my test aids. My second favord learning style is kinaestic beacuse i learn best my moving around. when i am learning for my test i am always writing down the answers, when i am studying for my text i am always talking with other people that are kinaestic learners

ALL About Me

Samarth Harjai

learning stratagies

multiple intelligences for visual and bodily kinesthetic

visual-the abillity to represent the visual world in one's mind for example I learn best when you are looking at images, I like to daydream, and see images complete and in color in my mind, I love to create computer programs, play video games, watch moviesbodily kinesthetic-intelligence are control of one's bodily motions and the capacity to handle objects skillfully. fpr example. If you learn by moving, are coordinated and comfortable with your body,i need to walk around and do other things so that i can concentrate on a task,i love working with my body and hands like woodworking, drawing etc.

academic profile

career interest- Be proffessional golfer and start my own line of mens leather accessories, and launching my own othe personal interest is reading comic book eg. green lantern futurama and tintin etc. And reading sidney sheldon books. I also enjoy watching a lot of tvshows for example agents of shield, arrow, the mask animated serias , stargate SG-1 and X-filespersonal interest and self knowledge- my personal interest is to launch my own brand of leather accessories. My self knowledge will help and teach kids how to play golf.academic strenghts and weakness- My strenghts are science, gym and computer engineer.

Science is my strenght because i love to working with my hands and like doing experients, gym is my second strength because it makes me fit to play proffessional golf, My last strength is computer engeering because i love building computers from scratch it facinates me. This shows i am bodly kinesthetic person. My three weaknesses are math, accounting and english. Math is my first weakness because we have to do complicated equations that i am not able to do. Next is accounting as it has the same problem but in accounting income statement, balance the balance sheet and gernalise the trial balance. My last weakness is english as i have problem writing essays and i dont like doing Shakespear and King Lear.


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