All About Me

by christinan334
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All About Me

My color is orange, which means I am very adventurous, I always enjoy trying new things. I love being around people even though I might be shy at first. I am very impatient when it comes to doing things with my friends.... I am a visual/spatial person. I learn/comprehend things better when I read, I tend to picture whatever I am reading in my head. It helps me remember what I hace read. Some things that I have learned within learning my color/intelligence is that I need to learn how to stay on task.

Christina NavarroOrangeVisual/Spatial

Being an orange, I think I can contrubute some spirit, ideas, and i can get everybody going.. I can make things fun for the group.

Having at least one of each color in a group is a good thing. I think every color can bring something to the group. Orange wiil bring the fun & ideas, blues bring honesty to the table, greens make sure everyone is doing the things they need to, and golds will be there will everything on the day of turning in the project.

I think that I need to learn how to stay on task, not get distracted by others easily. To overcome my weakness and I will try to stay on task and not let anyone distract me.



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