All About Me

by robbimeckley
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All About Me

All About Me

My family includes my husband Tony and my two daughters, Camryn and Carsyn.

My Family

"A family is not just given, it is created by those who seek to have one."

"A family is not made up of just anybody, a family is made up of people who truly love and care about one another."

My Favorite Things

My hobbies include camping, hiking, reading, and spending time with family and friends.My favorite place to be is the beach or poolside or anywhere with my family.My favorite food is baked macaroni and cheese.My favorite children's books are Aunt Chip and the Triple Creek Dam Affair and The Giving Tree.My favorite colors are orange and yellow.

My Teaching Background

I've been in education for 17 years. I've spent 16 of those years at SW. My first 13 I spent working in Learning Support and Instructional Support. This is my 4th year in 1st grade. I have a BS Degree in Special Ed./Elementary Ed. from Kutztown University. I have a compilation of Master's credits mostly in reading and behavior management. I am a kid at heart which is obvious in my teaching methods. I utilize various hand-on and theatrical techniques to reach all learners. I also love nature and yes, insects too. What can I say, I married a Biology teacher.

My Pet

We were most unfortunate 2 summers ago(can't believe it's been that long) when our dog Tanner passed away. He was 13 years old. We had him since he was a puppy. I still consider him as our pet. I know that he has never really left our family because he remains in our hearts.

My boy, Tanner Man


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