All About Me

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All About Me

All About Me

I am a...*younger sister**daughter**cousin**artist**nature lover**dog lover**crocheter**learner** teacher**still learning*

Miss Lan4th Grade Teacher

My Favorite Things (of course teaching, but also so much more!)*I love traveling to other countries exploring new places and taking pictures. So far I've traveled to 13 different countries. Take a look at my photos, can you guess which one?*I love arts and crafts. I like to crochet scarves, scrapbook and design my own jewlery. *I LOVE nature and the outdoors. I like to run, hike, kayak, camp and go to the beach!*My favorite food of all times: MAC N CHEESE!

::Quick Facts::I went to Lehigh University in Pennsylvania and studied Psychology and Fine Art.I received my masters in Elementary Education in 2009, also from Lehigh.This is my fourth year teaching, but first year in Washington!

Vision:I hope to create a classroom that is exciting, fun and also very challenging. In my classroom, every child will be pushed to achieve more, whether it's with organization, behavior or a specific subject. My job as a teacher is not to lecture or belittle my students. I try to create lessons that involve student interaction, movement and small group instruction. This way I can better tailor each student's individual needs.

<< One of my painting>>


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