All About Me Template 2015

by glmy
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All About Me Template 2015

Start with this basic template to create your All About Me Glog.

Remove any element you don't like - just select it and click the red trashcan!

Don't forget to include at least one sound clip or one video clip in your glog.

Follow the instructions on Edmodo! Be Creative!!

Be sure to answer all of the questions that are listed in the Edmodo Assignment for this Glogster.Make sure you answer the questions using good sense about what it is safe to post on-line!

Write your text in good complete sentences that help both restate and answer the questions. For example, state:My favorite foods are pizza and popcorn.Don't just state:Pizza and Popcorn

Include your Avatar and FIRST NAME ONLY!

Link your favorite site!

Each part should be in a separate text or other graphic element!



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