All About Me-Christian

by Rentschler
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All About Me-Christian


Future:When I Grow Up I want to go to West Point if you want to go there You need a 4.0 Average.I want to be a officer in the Green Berret.

Friends:Saliba Mirza,Brandon Briggs,Kevin Poe,La'zavvier Gambel,Brock Burnett,Rigo Cevera,Koyre Hunter,Thorn Pucket,Aaron Mayor,Daniel Peobody,Alex Stewart,Roman Anderson,Avery Shipman,Jonathan Just,Nathan Schafer,Nicholas Sharp. I have more but no room srry.

My name is Christian I am 11 Years old.I Have 2 brothers the middle child is 16 and my oldest brother is 21 and i'm 11.My original state is Oklahoma.I am indian my indian tribe is the Chickasaw Nation.I like to skate alot to. My favorite sports team is the Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning is my favorite athlete.My future is when I grow up i'm going to be a officer the green berret.My favorite years in elementary is 2,3, and 5.



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